Why is Layer2 a solution to Ed-tech?

Layer2 Solution & Edtech

What is Layer2?

How Does Layer 2 Blockchain Works?

To build an untampered blockchain ecosystem, we’d like a couple of things within the architecture to achieve data security, decentralization, and scalability. Layer 2 blockchain technology systems are has Ethereum as a base layer of security and finality.

How Layer 2 Works With Edtech?

Layer -1 With Edtech: What Does it Lack?

What does layer 2 blockchain tech mean for the Edtech Industry moving forward?

In any edtech platform, the Ethereum blockchain forms the base or root layer. Any platform shall comprise of different network layer residing over main Ethereum chain. On top of the base we’re using Plasma to build sidechains. The top most layer will be shall be the DAPP developed to provide decentralized and secure data.

Implications of Layer-2 for Edtech

EQ8 Network is a decentralized data marketplace that rewards users for their attention, intellectual property and consensual data sharing.