The current global education system is deeply flawed and vulnerable and tampering. Such flaws and vulnerabilities have reduced the trust and effectiveness of existing assessment and certification systems which is the foundation of the education system.

To overcome such flaws and loopholes, an independent, decentralized assessment and certification system is required. This led to the inception of EQUATE, to equally empower the users and restore their trust and transparency in the system.

EQUATE is a decentralized skill assessments platform that leverages blockchain technology by securing assessments at protocol and infrastructure level, creating a pervasive data ecosystem through the strategic application of Distributed Ledger Technology, Equate: (a) Secures data & content (candidate data, questions, answer keys, etc) (b) Secures the overall evaluation and result-generation process and © Creates a path to independent verification of skills and certifications.

The problem with existing assessment and certification tools

As the world is transitioning from offline to the online mode of assessment & certification, some challenges are surfacing which pose a threat to the security, credibility and authenticity of online assessments/ certifications and academic records. Equate platform curbs this situation by eradicating 4 important loopholes

  1. Cybersecurity Threats / Hacking
  2. Admin-level compromises
  3. Corruption / unethical practices by service providers or intermediaries
  4. Unverifiability and lack of traceability of records and their audit trail

The solution offered

Equate offers a cyber-security solution that prevents data manipulation and tampering thereby preventing candidate impersonations, response tampering, results in manipulation, fraudulent certificates and resume frauds.

The solution offered by Equate augurs well not just for the current assessment system but can also be easily applied in the market research and analysis industry, which also grapples with similar issues like candidate impersonation, unverified responses, fraudulent reports, and unfair data brokerage.

The blockchain-based solution shifts the control and ownership of the data from intermediaries/ service providers to the users. This gives power back to the rightful owners of the data to decide who to share it with and to what extent. This solution, while on one hand ensures that the data owners get paid for sharing their data, also provides transparent and verified data to the requestors, thus benefitting both parties.

The Nutshell

The mission of equate platform is to achieve an economic equilibrium driven by employability through a shred of immutable evidence-based permanent records of assessment, testing and data through data decentralization.

We strive to build a platform that is user sovereign, trustworthy and transparent, making the data more reliable and effective.

EQ8 Network is a decentralized data marketplace that rewards users for their attention, intellectual property and consensual data sharing.