Wagmi cup: Building social relations of trust.

Oct 29, 2022: Press Release

2 min readNov 17, 2022

Building relationships over a sport is the one thing people worldwide enjoy doing the most. Web3.0, one of the most dynamic and forward-looking communities, came together to celebrate their relationship across all verticals by participating in the first edition of the ‘WAGMI CUP’.

Madhur Prabhakar, Founder & CEO of EQ8 Network said; The idea of organizing a cricket match instead of a networking event came up because we realized sports could strengthen the social relationships among various stakeholders of web3 which may not be achieved during a formal event. Moreover, it also allows web3 organizations to showcase the utility of their underlying protocols in real-world events such as this”.

The enthusiastic flair of the Web3 community was on display as players consisting of founders, investors, influencers, and community members from organizations such as Biconomy, CoinTelegraph, EasyFi Network, Draper Dragon Fund, Bitinnings, Bitay, Coinstore, Trace Network, Quillhash, YoloRekt, Metavesal, Soclly, Ex-ZeroSwap, Orbit Startups, etc were divided into two teams, namely, ‘Buidlers and ‘Hodlers’.

The match turned out to be an absolute thriller: Hodlers won the toss and elected to bowl first and Buidlers in turn posted a target of 136 runs with an impressive half-century by Amanjot Malhotra (Bitay). In the second innings, Hodlers quickly lost 8 wickets within the first 10 overs accumulating only 62 runs.

From what seemed impossible, Hodlers turned the game around against all odds and went on to win the match by 2 wickets with 2 overs to spare. Tanuj Behl (EQ8 Network) was adjudged the ‘Whale of the Match’ for his outstanding contribution of 2 wickets and a fine knock of 56 runs in 32 balls.

Watch the highlights of the WAGMI CUP below:

Express Protocol, one of the sponsors of the WAGMI CUP awarded the Whale of the Match with an exclusive NFT while Desi Crypto gave away SWAGs to the winning team. EQ8 Network attested SoulBound Tokens to all the players as proof of their participation in the WAGMI Cup.

“Based on individual performance in the match, each respective SBT is entailed with REP tokens which represent the reputation of the user granting them certain rights, permissions, and incentives within the EQ8 De-Centralized Society.” Neeraj Jain, COO, EQ8.

The event concluded with the prize distribution and an afterparty at EQ8 Estate, New Delhi. The EQ8 team plans to have more such events soon and will be announcing them via the following channels:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EQ8_NETWORK

Telegram: https://t.me/EQ8_Network




EQ8 is a DeSoc that utilizes Account Bound Tokens aka SBTs to enable uncollateralized lending and other TradFi instruments. https://linktr.ee/eq8.etwork