Power of ads now in your hands

Sometimes I think more than the music, I listen to ads on Spotify.’ — Every frustrated Spotify Listener. If ‘ad’ were a person, it would be the most hated being on the internet, and I can probably bet my entire worth on this statement. Well, I wonder who will bet against me because we all unanimously hate ads to the very core.

According to Hubspot research, 91% of respondents agree that ads are more intrusive today than two to three years ago. Nevertheless, they are everywhere — TV, social media, websites, or applications. It feels like they are tracking us everywhere we go like any stalker.

However, some ads are informative, like an ad for a job opening or a Zara sale ad. So, if you look closely, you will find more than ads, people hate bad ads.

Top reasons why people hate ads-

  1. Ads are intrusive/annoying: 64% of users believe ads are annoying. Quite naturally, nobody likes someone to enter their houses without ringing the doorbell, after all, privacy is our fundamental right. Ads do exactly this — popping up on our screens all of a sudden while we are enjoying browsing. Advertisements feel like an infringement on our private space, especially the retargeted ads. It makes us wonder if our privacy in danger.
  2. Ads are irrelevant: Most people find ads annoying because they are not able to associate with the ad content and such ads do not benefit them in any way. Therefore, watching such ads is merely a waste of time.
  3. Viewers can’t give feedback: Some brand advertisements fail to connect with the consumers and take their feedback. Such ads are imposing as consumers can’t relate to them. For instance, after receiving a lot of backlashes, Hindustan Unilever Limited changed ‘Fair and Lovely’ to ‘Glow and Lovely’. Similarly, there are many brands with problematic ads, but due to the lack of a feedback system, no action is taken against them, building a huge gap between the consumers and the company.

How EQ8 Network improves your ad watching experience

EQ8 Network values the intelligence of the people along with their precious time. Hence, they came up with a unique solution to ameliorate the ad-watching experience — Don’t just pay attention, get paid for your attention.

Steps to monetizing your time spent on watching ads-

  1. Complete profiling: The first step is to fill in your basic information to become eligible to earn rewards from watching ads on the EQ8 Network platform.
  2. Watch ads of your interest: On completion, you become eligible to watch ads as per your interest.
  3. Pay attention while watching: Now, at this step, you need to be attentive as it requires you to watch the ad with complete focus and eyes wide open without any cheating.
  4. Answer ad-related questions: At this stage, you will be asked some simple ad-related questions to check what you gained from the ad. 5.Get paid for your attention Finally, the most awaited part! Based on your performance, you will be get paid for your attention. Voila!