NFT — The nextgen technology

Image of NFT sold at Christie’s for $69 million, one of the most renowned auction houses in the world.

You must be thinking about what NFT actually is? And how does it work?

Now you must be wondering how do you create NFT’s through EQ8 Network?

Are NFTs here to stay?

Few key takeaways before you decide to buy or create your own NFT:

  • Scarcity: Drives NFT value up, if there is only one piece you are one step closer to having a higher value for your work or the art you are buying.
  • Ownership: NFTs are verifiable, nobody can fake its authenticity they live on blockchain forever once they are created.
  • Community: Find NFTs that have community and they are actually being bought and sold, otherwise you might end up with NFT that has no value because there is no demand for it



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EQ8 is a DeSoc that utilizes Account Bound Tokens aka SBTs to enable uncollateralized lending and other TradFi instruments.