How to Monetize Your Data?

Gain Profits from Data

We all know giant corporations make a fortune selling your data.

EQ8 Network as a De-centralised Data Marketplace

EQ8 Network is a de-centralized data marketplace that connects data requesters to data provider

How good is EQ8 Network?

EQ8 network provides access to data directly from the targeted audience. EQ8 network provides fast insights and better business decisions for companies.

Is this safe and secure?

Thanks to EQ8 network’s blockchain solution and de-centralized storage, the data based on EQ8 Network is remarkably safe and secure.

Why buy or sell?

In a data marketplace, typically, there are buyers, sellers, and brokers who derive financial value from their assets. Whereas EQ8 network eliminates data brokers and directly connects the data requesters to data providers.

Into the future

It is estimated by the year 2030, about 1 million businesses would be monetizing their data assets and more than 12 exabytes of data would get transacted daily.


Seeing this, data providers would be sharing their information with companies and getting paid for it directly.

EQ8 Network is a decentralized data marketplace that rewards users for their attention, intellectual property and consensual data sharing.