How EQ8 Network Empowers Content Creators?

Problems faced by content creators

Creating content is not a cakewalk. With no sense of the outer world and many sleepless nights of brainstorming, content creators come up with original and creative ideas to work on and create one small piece of art. Clearly, a lot of effort goes into creating that one article, one blog, or one painting that we see for a moment, praise and move on, but unfortunately, our praising words don’t feed the creators.

However, content creators never complain about the hard work, on contrary they enjoy it. What troubles them is that they don’t get the credit where it’s due.

Following are the two major and inevitable problems that almost every content writer goes through.

Copyright issues

This is the worst nightmare of creators, especially budding creators. To understand better suppose, you are an artist who has spent days working on a painting and uploaded it on a social media platform. A few months later, you see a replicated version of your art on a ‘big influencer’ profile that has gone viral. Since your reach to the people is low in comparison to that ‘big influencer’, all your efforts to claim your art will go down the drain, and that ‘big influencer’ will earn money that rightfully belongs in your bank account.


Intermediaries are the people who enjoy a large share of your hard-earned money.

For example, you approach a big brand to promote your products and you successfully sell a product for $600. After going through all the intermediaries, you are probably just left with $100.

How EQ8 Network helps the creators to claim what rightfully is theirs?

EQ8 Network allows you to secure as well as monetize your valuable data using decentralized blockchain technology. It is a platform where the content is stored in the forms of NFTs.

Now, you may ask what is NFT?

Non-fungible token, NFT is a digital asset that could be literally anything like art, memes, surveys, a question, music, videos, a tweet, etc which are bought and sold online.

And now, you may think who will buy my tweet or gif?

To simply answer that, the Twitter founder sold his first tweet as NFT for $2.9 million. And the tweet was,” just setting up my twttr”

Imagine! Just imagine!

Nyon Cat, an owner of a gif sold it for $580,000. Yes, it’s not a scam, this happened!

Finally, now you’re intrigued, you may ask how to create NFT for your content. Well, EQ8 Network makes it super easy on its platform. Following are the benefits that EQ8 Network provides the creators: -

Claim ownership

Every NFT is a unique token on the blockchain. All you have to do is upload your original content on EQ8 Network and it’s yours. So, if it goes viral you can prove ownership and get the value that you deserve. Anyone else with the same content won’t be able to upload it on the EQ8 Network.

Earn royalty

You can earn a royalty for your work. For example, if you uploaded a question on EQ8 Network first, someone won’t be able to upload the same question. However, they may take your permission to use your question in their survey or questionnaire and return it, you will be paid royalty for it. Such a fair world on EQ8 Network, isn’t it?

Trade it on other marketplaces

According to CoinDesk, an astonishing $174 million has been spent on NFTs since November 2017 and the market is growing at a rapid speed.

While you store your content in the form of NFT on EQ8 Network, you can also sell it on other marketplaces affiliated with EQ8 Network.

Various top marketplaces to trade NFTs are, Wazirx, Opensea, Foundation etc.



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