EQUATE: The Future of Ed-tech

2 min readMay 26, 2021


The recent and rapid evolution of distributed computing and blockchain technology has pushed us to rethink and reimagine many of the foundational aspects of our traditional systems of education. Concepts like trust, value, privacy, and identity are all coming into question as we usher in a new suite of technologies. Through this transition, EQUATE is convening stakeholders across the learning continuum to ensure we equitably shape the ever-evolving technological landscape of Education.

Through Blockchain & Smart contracts, Equate aims to build an infrastructure for data quality control from the ground up, in a highly network-efficient manner with minimum latency.

  1. Assessment & Academic Record Management — This market primarily consists of technology solutions providers for securing High Stake Examinations & Certifications. Equate can leverage the power of blockchain to secure skill assessment process and educational records from forgery and impersonation.
  2. Employment Screening & Talent Acquisition –Equate empowers organisations by providing a secure and non-corruptible skill-ledger and educational credentials of the potential hires, eliminating the possibility of fake certificates and resume fraud.
  3. Financial Aid — Equate’s state-of-the-art technology makes sure that the transaction initiated to any beneficiary is completely transparent and gets successfully completed without any third-party intervention.

Equate can implement the power of Blockchain & Smart contracts and can permeate the ed-tech world without disrupting its user experience.

White Paper: https://rb.gy/dxfr8p

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