Building Verified Identities for Quality Market Research

Internet: A place of revelation or deception?

3 min readSep 7, 2021

“The internet was built without an identity layer.”

— Kim Cameron, Microsoft Chief Identity Architect

The straightforward statement made by Kim Cameron in May 2005 holds the bitter truth of the Internet if one understands it.

In simpler words, what Kim meant was that there is no way of knowing who and what you’re connecting to on the Internet. You can only know the address of the machine you’re connecting to, but nothing about the person or organization sitting in front of the machine and communicating with you.

For example, if you’re chatting with someone on Facebook, you’d never know if they are the same person they are claiming to be.

This chink in the armour of the Internet have had exposed us, Internet Users, to inevitable threats and deception. Especially in today’s time, where all the activities from buying toothpaste to running an enterprise are done online, the surge in cybersecurity crime has hiked up at an unprecedented rate.

In 2018 a supervisory special agent with the FBI told The Wall Street Journal that every American citizen should expect that all of their personally identifiable information has been stolen and is present on the dark web.

Can our identity on the Internet be saved?

Well, it was just a glimpse of threats that we are exposed to and it surely has sent chills down our spine. And if you’re planning to go back to the times of sending letters, i.e, the time before the Internet changed our lives — it is impossible and you know it.

Fortunately, it is safe to say we can be saved from the world of deception on the Internet. The breakthrough of Blockchain technology and the evolution of the SSI Model has been the saviour of netizens.

What is a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) Model?

Self Sovereign Identity is an innovation that helps in aiding the chink in the armour by safeguarding our identity on the Internet. It is a model that had decentralized management to look after the digital identity wherein an individual or business has complete ownership of their accounts and data.

People with self-sovereign identities can store their data on their devices and provide it for verification and transactions without being dependent on any centralized authority.

How does EQ8 use the SSI Model to verify identities for quality market research?

EQ8 Network uses decentralized blockchain technology to store user’s data and SSI Model to verify their digital identity.

Did you know that 82% of businesses struggle with fake users? But thanks to the unique EQ8 Network that allows the market research companies to get only the verified and authentic users. No bot or fake user can fill the research provided by any organization which automatically improves the quality of the research panel, producing better results and revenue for the company.

At the same time, EQ8 Network also rewards data providers with EQ8 tokens at each step of verification and filling out the surveys, questionnaires, polls, and watching ads. Using the SSI Model, data providers have to go through 10 stages of verification and at each stage, they are rewarded with EQ8 tokens.




EQ8 is a DeSoc that utilizes Account Bound Tokens aka SBTs to enable uncollateralized lending and other TradFi instruments.