Build on our Problem Statement and get rewarded up to USD 100K!

1 min readSep 7, 2022

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, has challenged all the technology enthusiasts to solve their unique problem statement and get rewarded up to USD 100K worth in Cash and Tokens!

Problem Statement

“NFT scams, thefts, fakes, and clones are on the rise, over $100 Million worth of NFTs have been stolen in the last 12 months via various scams. There needs to be a way to minimize these scams, and thefts and protect the investors from losing their NFTs to the scammers.

The objective is to create an NFT marketplace (spot/ derivatives) using SBTs that addresses the above-mentioned challenges and also enables recovery of assets in case of thefts, scams, and loss of Private keys.”

and invite all of its talented community to actively participate and submit their ideas describing the solution to this Problem Statement at

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EQ8 is a DeSoc that utilizes Account Bound Tokens aka SBTs to enable uncollateralized lending and other TradFi instruments.