Big data came like a rising sun which uplifted and illuminated almost every big or small industry with it. The revolution became such an integral part of organizations like it was always there. Progressive organizations extract data from social media, browsers, surveys, and questionnaires to bring innovation, solve business challenges with their consumers’ perspectives, and generate revenue. However, like everything, Big data has its own limitations due to which companies have to face the consequences:

Sometimes I think more than the music, I listen to ads on Spotify.’ — Every frustrated Spotify Listener. If ‘ad’ were a person, it would be the most hated being on the internet, and I can probably bet my entire worth on this statement. Well, I wonder who will bet against me because we all unanimously hate ads to the very core.

According to Hubspot research, 91% of respondents agree that ads are more intrusive today than two to three years ago. Nevertheless, they are everywhere — TV, social media, websites, or applications. …

Have you ever noticed that Netflix sends you suggestions of movies and shows with such an accuracy that you end up binge-watching them in the coming weekend? Well, the recommendation system is so accurate that it influences 80% of the content streamed on Netflix. Now just imagine how Netflix sends personalized suggestions to a swarming number of over 100 million subscribers.


Have you ever noticed that as soon as you search for sports shoes on google, you see pop-ups of various shoe brands on your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms? …

Problems faced by content creators

Creating content is not a cakewalk. With no sense of the outer world and many sleepless nights of brainstorming, content creators come up with original and creative ideas to work on and create one small piece of art. Clearly, a lot of effort goes into creating that one article, one blog, or one painting that we see for a moment, praise and move on, but unfortunately, our praising words don’t feed the creators.

However, content creators never complain about the hard work, on contrary they enjoy it. What troubles them is that they don’t get the credit where it’s due.

The age-old mantra to excel in your business is to treat your ‘customers like a king.’ In order to serve your customers and stay relevant in the market, it’s crucial to understand customer behaviour and their needs.

Market research companies play an important role in understanding the psychology of the people to further use this data in making effective decisions for the company. Surveys and polls are some of the primary ways to extract data from the people but market research companies face two major challenges in the process of authenticating and securing the data.

For instance, if any company…

Data is the new oil

Needless to say, data is the most valuable resource of the century as it is the very basis for any organization to make informed decisions and bring any radical or even a small change in their firm.

For instance, whenever you open a website, it generally asks for your mail ID to send notifications, newsletters, etc., which means even your mail ID is of significant value to different firms. Or you must have noticed that almost every company asks for your feedback either through surveys, polls, or questionnaires. This is because your opinion matters a…

The recent and rapid evolution of distributed computing and blockchain technology has pushed us to rethink and reimagine many of the foundational aspects of our traditional systems of education. Concepts like trust, value, privacy, and identity are all coming into question as we usher in a new suite of technologies. Through this transition, EQUATE is convening stakeholders across the learning continuum to ensure we equitably shape the ever-evolving technological landscape of Education.

Through Blockchain & Smart contracts, Equate aims to build an infrastructure for data quality control from the ground up, in a highly network-efficient manner with minimum latency.

Layer2 Solution & Edtech

What is Layer2?

Layer 2 blockchain technology is usually mentioned as an “off-chain” solution. Its main purpose is to scale blockchain transaction capacity keeping the decentralization benefits of a distributed protocol intact and undisturbed.

How Does Layer 2 Blockchain Works?

The implementation of layer 2 in blockchain shall help immensely in achieving scalability.

To build an untampered blockchain ecosystem, we’d like a couple of things within the architecture to achieve data security, decentralization, and scalability. Layer 2 blockchain technology systems are has Ethereum as a base layer of security and finality.

How Layer 2 Works With Edtech?

Layer 2 platforms and protocols process data during a way that decreases the burden the bottom layer (root…

Role of Blockchain in Knowledge Economy

Knowledge economy has its never ending role in defining the economy. Most of the modern economists and analysts during their research concluded that knowledge has a direct function towards the production.

The knowledge economies recognizes production as an important factor in defining “knowledge based economies”, which emphasizes on production, distribution and use of knowledge.

Growth of Knowledge Based Enterprises

Numerous online platforms such as LinkedIn have been trying to reduce the gap between producers, human workforce and economies. Bridging the gap between knowledge workers and prospective employers by allowing them to use the platform for connections is one such use case.

Such knowledge based enterprises…

The current global education system is deeply flawed and vulnerable and tampering. Such flaws and vulnerabilities have reduced the trust and effectiveness of existing assessment and certification systems which is the foundation of the education system.

To overcome such flaws and loopholes, an independent, decentralized assessment and certification system is required. This led to the inception of EQUATE, to equally empower the users and restore their trust and transparency in the system.

EQUATE is a decentralized skill assessments platform that leverages blockchain technology by securing assessments at protocol and infrastructure level, creating a pervasive data ecosystem through the strategic application…


EQ8 Network is a decentralized data marketplace that rewards users for their attention, intellectual property and consensual data sharing.

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